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The past two years have been challenging, but to build resilience colleagues have been focusing on their strengths through programmes such as Living the KI Way.

Katja Pruša, HR Director of Knauf Insulation Systems Division
Focus on strengths

Katja Pruša, HR Director of our Systems Division, says: “If we are able to use our strengths at work and develop them, we can reach our true potential and we feel more engaged at work. Adults usually do not think about their strengths, there is a usually a tendency to think about development needs or gaps.

“However, if we just focus on gaps, we only come to a neutral zero point, we do not see and cannot achieve our full potential — and this is true for individuals as well as entire organisations.”

At Knauf Insulation, workshops and learning journeys such as Living the KI Way are helping leaders to recognize their own strengths and strengths in others and build on them.

“We are implementing this in our people-related processes such as talent management, showing leaders how to have meaningful discussions or in giving feedback that nourishes future growth, enabling people to use their inner resources for the change that is needed.”

Key to this has been increasing the number of coaching processes. “I believe this is one of the most effective personal development processes that enable people to become more self-aware and build their own strengths.”

Ekaterina Pronkina, HR Director CIS & Russia
Improve resilience

Maximising strengths through initiatives such as Living the KI Way shows colleagues how they can achieve even more and builds the resilience to cope with challenges, says Ekaterina Pronkina, HR Director Russia & CIS.

“What are my strengths? Can I reach higher? What helps me cope with difficulties? Knowing answers to these questions, helps people deal with stress and anxiety and this ultimately impacts on their level of life satisfaction,” she says.

Gulfiia Aiupova, Finance Director Russia & CIS, says “Living the KI Way highlighted perspectives of mindfulness providing great emotional support for teams and individuals inside and outside of work during the challenges of the pandemic.”

Oleg Gorun, Plant Manager Tyumen, Russia, said: “Living the KI Way is all about the inner driving force. You simply cannot let your standards drop. If you have already reached your heights, you must do everything 101% better, run faster, jump higher — not only fix your achievements but also gain more power to reinforce your team.”

Julie McKean, HR Manager Northern Europe
Provide support

Positivity also needs to be reinforced by practical support. In our Northern European region, employees can benefit from a 24/7 helpline and website offering free confidential support on personal, financial and legal issues.

Colleagues can also have counselling and online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy sessions. “We also plan to train more Mental Health First Aiders who have the in-depth insight to help those they work with,” says Julie McKean, HR Manager Northern Europe.

In Eastern Europe & Middle East, webinars have been organised to support colleagues with well-being issues as well as offering a 24/7 employees’ assistance hotline.


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