Kompli™ Thermal Calculator


Introducing Kompli™, the thermal calculator from Knauf Insulation that has been developed to help architects and designers meet the requirements for thermal bridging in the National Construction Code (NCC) of Australia.



How does Kompli™ help with Thermal Bridging?

  • Calculate system R-value performance with thermal bridging
  • Simplify complex thermal bridging calculations

Calculating total system R-values considers the insulation pathway and the multiple pathways in which heat can transfer through the system, such as thermal bridges created by stud framing.

Kompli calculates the impact of thermal bridging on the building envelope of:

  • Walls

  • Roofs

  • Floors

The Kompli™ free thermal calculator includes pre-populated templates for common systems used in Australian construction, using external linings such as brick, fibre cement cladding, ACP and aluminium sheeting linings. Internal components comprising of timber and steel studs, roof spacers and non-combustible insulation with traditional internal linings such as plasterboard and ply finishes are also included.

Alternatively, designers have the ability to create solutions based on their individual project requirements by using the “Design Your Own System” feature. Each project has a dedicated “Projects Page”, giving designers the option to save multiple systems for each project. Once completed, a PDF report of the project can be generated with details of each system, including specific make up and products required to achieve the determined thermal values.

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