By Anonymous on November 12, 2013


12 November 2013


The Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand (ICANZ), has made the decision to extend its membership by inviting Knauf Insulation to join the Council.

ICANZ has long established and strong links with the European Insulation Manufacturers’ Association (EURIMA) and the North American Insulation Manufacturers’ Association (NAIMA). Recently ICANZ broadened its membership criteria to accommodate current members of EURIMA and NAIMA who have established themselves in Australia or New Zealand. The addition of Knauf Insulation will complement ICANZ’s international connections in providing access to research and information on energy efficiency and carbon abatement initiatives in Europe.

Knauf started in Germany in 1932 and is a family owned multi-national manufacturer of building materials and construction systems. Knauf Insulation is now establishing itself in Australia and New Zealand and is importing insulation manufactured to meet the current standards and requirements of the local building industry.

The foundation members of ICANZ are CSR Bradford and Fletcher Insulation who have been manufacturing and supplying insulation products since the 1930’s. Collectively they manufacture and supply an estimated 70 per cent of the building insulation requirements for Australia and New Zealand. Both these members are subsidiary companies of leading trans-Tasman building products companies.

The prime objective of ICANZ is to demonstrate the benefits of insulation in achieving increased energy efficiency in buildings across both Australia and New Zealand.

Of all the energy efficiency measures available to improve building performance, insulation is amongst the most immediate and cost effective. Insulation is not just about reducing power usage and energy bills. Insulation also contributes significantly to providing healthier and more comfortable living
conditions and plays an important role in substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings.

ICANZ continues to work with both State and Federal Governments to ensure all Standards relating to insulation, its manufacture, installation and warranty meet the highest possible international standards.


Download a pdf copy of this press release here.