Knauf Insulation a part of Sustainable Energy Association
By Anonymous on March 04, 2014 has reported (13/02/14) on Knauf Insulation's efforts to promote energy efficient solutions by joining the Sustainable Energy Association.


Knauf Insulation is one of the major providers of building products and energy efficient measures in the UK and across Europe. Knauf now aims to take more active role in developing policies that matter to the low carbon and energy efficient sectors.

John Sinfield, managing director of Knauf Insulation says that the Sustainable Energy Association will now be able to integrate Knauf Insulation's knowledge and understanding to help produce a properly researched approach to the integration of Government Policies.

The chief executive of the Sustainable Energy Association, Dave Sowden, says that Knauf Insulations addition to SEA's executive committee will further strengthen the signal to Government that the demand side has a great deal to offer in enhancing energy security, relieving fuel poverty, reducing energy bills, and heading us more quickly to a low carbon future.

Snowden says that SEA looks forward to working with Knauf Insulation and the wider membership to help strengthen this key message that is founded on properly researched costs, sound economics and is constructive across the political spectrum.