Insulation important as NSW gas prices set to rise again
By Anonymous on July 03, 2014 has reported (02/07/2014) on the 17.8 per cent gas price increase that has hit New South Wales just recently.

As other eastern Australian states are expected to follow in the years to come, it is important for Australian industry and homes to ask how they can reduce their gas costs and be more efficient with their energy use.

According to IPART, the independent NSW price regulator, NSW households will be looking at an annual increase of gas bills by between $155 and $225.   Factors such as how much gas is used and where people live will affect the amount of increase.

The development of LNG exports in Qld this year will push domestic gas prices higher and will affect many Australian households and businesses along the east coast.

Those people living in colder states such as Victoria will be most vulnerable as they use on average 50 gigajoules every year.

Climateworks research has shown that simple measures can be taken to reduce a household's consumption of gas which include:

  • Upgrading or installing ceiling insulation.   Draught proofing and ceiling insulation in a large house can save $217 per year.

  • Upgrading to efficient 4-star heaters. This would result in an annual saving of $460 for a large house and $198 for a small house.

  • Using a solar hot water system. This will save $142 per year for a large house and $40 for a small house.

By taking these simple steps, Australians will save money on their bills and be doing their part to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.