Ceiling Insulation

Did you know over 30 per cent of the heat in a home can be lost through an uninsulated ceiling? Insulating the ceiling is an easy way to create a more comfortable home, and save money on your heating and cooling bills.

Why it's important

Ceiling insulation will provide a thermal barrier to prevent the transfer of heat energy (coming in and out of the home). Installing insulation will not only improve the comfort of the home but also save up to 40 per cent* on heating and cooling energy bills.

Glasswool insulation is the most common insulation used in ceiling spaces. Made using recycled glass, it is non-combustible and is one of the most sustainable insulation products available. Ceiling insulation is easy to install and can be done as a DIY project. For guidance on installation in Australia reference AS 3999 and our installation instructions before carrying out any work.

*your energy savings.org, 2013
Installation Instructions
DIY Installation Video