Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall (double brick) insulation is a blow-in insulation currently used in over 5 million homes in the UK for increasing the thermal performance of existing homes, and will also work effectively in Australian homes.

With up to 25 per cent of heat energy being lost or gained through uninsulated external walls, this would be the next area to tackle after your ceiling. By simply installing insulation into the walls you will be cutting down the temperature loss and saving up to 20 per cent on heating and cooling energy bills*.

The best solution to retrofit cavity walls is to hire an Approved Installer. The installation is quick and clean and will generally only take a couple of hours to install by an Approved Installer. The installer will use a design pattern to drill holes into the external wall and then fill the cavity space with loose glasswool insulation. When the cavity is filled the installer will patch the holes to match the existing mortar.

To find out if your home is suitable for cavity wall insulation please contact us and one of our insulation experts will be in touch.

*Households with insulation in the ceilings, wall and floors can save up to $450 per year on their electricity bills. UTS, 2014.