Tips for staying cool and saving money on bills this summer
By Knauf Insulation on June 26, 2017 has reported (22/01/2017) on ways to save money while you stay cool in a heatwave this summer.


As the average national residential electricity prices are expected to rise by another 2.7 per cent in 2017/18, more people than ever are seeking ways to reducing energy costs over summer.

It's a good idea to seal your home and have insulation.  Stan Krpan, Sustainability Victoria CEO says that home insulation can be purchased and installed yourself.  Look out for in store promotions during winter and summer.

Mr Krpan also recommends covering up or sealing any draughts to limit the outside air coming inside.  Door snakes, draught stoppers or adhesive sealers for windows can be purchased.

Tracking your energy usage with apps or plug in devices helps to keep bills to a minimum by identifying high energy consumption appliances. 

Rob Murray-Leach, head of policy at Energy Efficiency Council, says to invest in appliances with the most Energy Rating stars.  They may cost more but a really efficient appliance can use up to 75 per cent less energy than older models.  Mr Murray-Leach says that 7 to 10 stars indicates a very efficient rating.

Heating and cooling contribute to roughly 40 per cent of energy bills, a third is appliances (especially freezer and fridge) and the remaining 20 per cent is water heating.

Set the airconditioner to a higher temperature as each extra degree cooler can add 10 per cent to cooling costs. Experts recommend a setting of between 24 and 26 degrees in summer.

Finally, choose a quality energy provider that you trust. It is important to consider and research cost, company transparency, renewable energy, ability to track usage and emissions.