Compensation a possibility after botched insulation program
By Anonymous on August 11, 2013

The Courier-Mail (28/10/13) has reported that the Liberal Government has a plan to compensate those people affected by the failed home insulation program. The number of applicants for compensation would be in the hundreds, with potentially millions of dollars being paid to affected home owners, insulation businesses and grieving families. A Judicial Enquiry is also to be launched to investigate the Home Insulation Programme (HIP) according the Sunday Mail. 

Martin Bowles of the Climate Change Dept has told a Senate committee in Oct 2010 that upwards of 190 fires have been linked to faulty foil insulation with the program being blamed for an influx of 'cowboys' attracted to the industry when the programme was announced. Many businesses are expected to claim compensation for damage to their reputation as a result of this influx and its associated media attention.

In earlier news, Knauf Insulation has indicated it will be preparing a civil claim against the Commonwealth for losses due to misleading statements made by the Commonwealth in relation to the HIP.  Knauf Insulation also supports the recommendations of the July 2010 Senate Enquiry for a Royal Commission into the failures of the HIP.