Choosing safe materials when renovating
By Anonymous on September 19, 2016

The Ballarat Courier has reported (17/09/2016) on what family safe renovation materials Australians are choosing when renovating their homes.

A recent Morgan Gallop Poll revealed that 6 million Australians make home improvements every year. Often these people do not have adequate access to health information regarding specific renovation products. 

National Toxics Network head, Jo Immig, says to choose raw, unprocessed and natural products where possible.

It is advisable to read manufacturing information to ensure what you are getting as terms like "organic" and "natural" tend to get abused.  Always select products with the least amount of chemicals.

Many materials used in building and renovating such as paints, glues and varnishes contain chemicals that continue to emit from the material.

Earthwool insulation is made using ECOSE Technology, that contains no added formaldehyde and is based on renewable bio-based materials instead of traditional petro-based chemicals.

Earthwool insulation is also certified by the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Standard – the broadest standard available today that meets all existing criteria with regards to Indoor Air Quality.