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Knauf Insulation’s innovative new training centre in France offers installers a unique opportunity to maximise their skills, boost their business and give customers what they really need — real performance and real benefits for better buildings.

When Knauf Insulation opened its new Insulation Training Centre — L’École de l’Isolation™ — in the south of France it became an instant best-selling success.

The centre, which is just metres away from our Glass Mineral Wool plant in Lannemezan opened in September 2021 and within days its courses were full to capacity until the end of the year.

The centre provides installers with the skills to sharpen their expertise, get proper certification, provide a better service and boost their business.

Installers can achieve an advanced level of expertise.
Giuliano Camillato, Product Development and Technical Manager in France
Giuliano Camillato, Product Development and Technical Manager in France

A wide variety of courses can be tailormade to meet any installer requirements in addition to the centre’s comprehensive training programme.

Giuliano Camillato, Product Development and Technical Manager in France, says: “This programme is the perfect continuation of the digital offer that professionals can find on the online Knauf Insulation Learning platform.

“After taking the online courses, they can achieve an advanced level of expertise by following class-based training and, most importantly, practical hands-on experience of a wide range of insulation installation scenarios created from ‘real-life’ materials such as concrete block, metal studs, brick or wood.”

These scenarios feature a range of full-size walls, lofts, floors, cavities, partitions and roofs in which to learn the most effective way to install Knauf Insulation solutions such as our Mineral Wool or range of accessories.

Courses last between one and three days and each can accommodate up to 10 installers.


Knauf store

The French government has put in place a €100 billion recovery plan to rebuild the country’s post COVID-19 economy with a focus on houses and renovation supported by training to improve professional skills.

The opening of L’École de l’IsolationTM is ideally timed to offer installers the competitive advantage they need to maximise this national opportunity as well as the access to national funding they need to finance their courses.

In addition, building regulations are changing, new products are coming to market, technology is transforming the industry and in many countries, there is a lack of skilled construction specialists.

L’École de l’IsolationTM offers installers the chance to gain the specialist knowledge they need to give them a great competitive advantage.

And as the centre is certified by the National Quality Reference Scheme (Qualiopi), it means that installers attending courses can access funding to pay for their training from state-approved apprentice organisations.

Installers and installation companies that upgrade their skills, obtain nationally recognised Reconnu Garant De L’Environnement (RGE) quality certification while gaining expertise in our range of Knauf Insulation solutions.


Expert insight
Expert insight

L’École de I’IsolationTM courses start with first understanding the fundamentals of Knauf Insulation products, energy efficiency and regulation, then move to online e-learning expertise on the Knauf Insulation Learning platform, and finally to hands-on experience at the centre to deepen specialist knowledge.

Visit www.knaufinsulation.fr

Sustainability showcases

Knauf Insulation’s experience centers in Belgium and Slovenia have been designed to showcase our innovative solutions and provide energy efficiency expertise.

Our Slovenian Experience Center (KIEXC) at Škofja Loka, is built to Platinum DNGB sustainability standards and features cutting edge solutions such as our Urbanscape Green Roof Systems. The center is always open to share building expertise and is an important education base for demonstrations and training.

Our 500m2 Knauf Insulation Experience Center at Visé, Belgium, features a wide range of full-scale building scenarios including a pitched roof, ventilated façade, wall cavities and reconstructions of lofts and internal partitions. Each scenario showcases our solutions and reveals how to install them for maximum performance, while our technical team provides certified training for installers. Visit kiexperience.org and experiencecenter.knaufinsulation.eu



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