Adding value for customers

Knauf Insulation Adding value for customers

Knauf Insulation is creating a seamless eco-system to bring our customers the expertise and solutions they need.


Customer-centricity has defined Knauf Insulation since the company started, now a series of initiatives are underway to create even more value for customers offering them the flexibility, accessibility and systems they need, whenever they want them, 24/7.

Director of Market & Business Excellence Tanja Schamberger says: “We went to our customers and listened to them to understand their pain-points. We then spoke to our customer service colleagues to understand precisely how to make the customer experience as seamless and efficient as possible.

“Now we are creating the perfect eco-system that combines the strengths of our face-to-face personal interaction with the digital tools customers need — in whatever accessible and flexible formats they need. That is real customer proximity.”

“The more touchpoints we have with our customers, the more we can anticipate their needs and make them part of the value creation process.”

A major customer-focused platform launch will be first rolled in Germany in 2022, with first functionalities such as, one login for all Knauf companies, self-service access to order status including notifications for order status updates. Further functionalities will be added step-by-step involving customers at every stage.


Home from home online

Homeowners can now access a one-stop website that offers Knauf Insulation solutions online with the added benefit of a specialist advice service and instant delivery.

Homeowners can browse Knauf Insulation’s range of exterior wall and loft solutions at and if they have any questions request a call back from one of our home insulation experts.

Specialist advice can range from the best solutions and accessories for specific building types to understanding which products offer the most effective acoustic, thermal or fire-safe performance. Home deliveries can be arranged at the click of a computer mouse. is being piloted in Slovakia with plans to roll out the platform to other countries soon.

Tanja Schamberger


Knauf Insulation Western Europe in Western Europe has launched an on-line showroom

to enable customers to explore the advantages of our sustainable solutions.

The site offers an online 3D world that gives customers the opportunity to visit a range of virtual spaces and, in each one, learn about our innovations, tools, training, history and our approach to sustainability.

A highlight of the site is ‘sustainable town’ showing how Knauf Insulation can provide solutions for different building types.


Picture in the header: The new online showroom


Knauf Insulation has developed a BIM Factory web app to enable specifiers to visualise and test a range of roof systems online — before a single building component is purchased.

Building Information Modelling, better known as BIM, combines 3D design and data management, allowing specifiers to model a building and quickly choose and test the right solutions for their project online.

Magdalena Pyszkowski, our Group Market Manager and Head of Non- Residential, says: “BIM has become an important way to create an overview of a building and make changes before work begins avoiding expensive mistakes during construction.

“Our BIM Factory allows the selection of roof systems by application on demand with constantly updated product data information including the properties of components such as insulation and membranes based on technical requirements. Ultimately, BIM Factory will save specifiers and designers time, energy and money.”

BIM by Knauf Insulation

BIM has been around for nearly 30 years but Magdalena says that the process still has a long way to go regarding mainstream technological accessibility and the maturity of the construction industry.

Most construction partners are used to working as they would in a factory assembly line, BIM however offers the digital opportunity for an entire team to work online on a project simultaneously.

BIM also offers the chance to understand and test a variety of building component properties such as fire safety or accessibility.

Magdalena says: “If these requirements were incorporated in the early stages of the design it would allow the model to be built around the solutions rather than having them forced on at the end.”

Construction projects usually only have a slim margin to work with. However, with new reliable BIM data these margins would improve significantly and help manufacturers produce project-dedicated products while optimising their production line and supply chain.

Packaging better by design

In the UK we have improved our packaging and upgraded our compression technology. We have colour-coded packaging to allow customers to instantly find the right product with the right conductivity group for the right application.

A bigger, bolder look ensures our solutions are easy to identify, while our Euroclass A1 non-combustible logo clearly identifies our fire safety assurance and compliance.

Key product information and certification is distinct, our sustainability credentials and ECOSE Technology® benefits are highlighted while thermal acoustic icons help customers choose the right product for the right application.



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