9 star Trinity Beach house showcased at Sustainable House Day
By Anonymous on August 29, 2015

The Weekend Post in Cairns has reported (29/08/2015) on a 9 star Trinity Beach property that is featured in next months Sustainable House Day.

Kenick Constructions, who built the house, has showcased three display homes previously. Their last display home won them 3 national industry awards and 10 regional awards.

Kenick building consultant, Rachel Whymark, said that "green" features include high ceilings, open plan designs, wide eaves and extensive use of louvre windows to promote airflow.

R2.0 Earthwool insulation, solar hot water, reflective foil and light colours were also incorporated.

Ms Whymark admitted that the initial setup of these sustainable measures might be costly, but being green gives better returns in the long-term. It is possible to save money year-on-year by incorporating even some of these features.

She said that clever use of passive design combined with solar hot water can save hundreds, if not thousands every year.