Case Studies

  • Bluestone House Case Study

    Bluestone House Case Study

    • April 2016

    The Bluestone House was built in 1909 and the current homeowners wanted to create a larger living area and more comfortable environment by adding an extension. To maintain the integrity of the building the extension was built with calcrete or limestone paddock stone.

  • Birdsville Case Study

    Birdsville Case Study

    • April 2016

    Summer in Australia’s most isolated town, Birdsville, can be brutal. Temperatures top 49°C and this means rubber soles can melt on the pavement, car wipers stick to windscreens and make-up melts from women’s faces.

    In the summer of 2013, 29 consecutive days were 40°C or more in Birdsville and Australian weathermen were forced to invent a new colour for temperature charts as the heat was predicted to break record temperatures.